About Us

Hola and welcome to Sweeter Than Pan Dulce!  I’m Gabriela, founder of Sweeter Than Pan Dulce.  I’m also Mamí to a little muñeco by the name of Nico. Sweeter Than Pan Dulce has been a vision of mine since I found out I was expecting my own little pan dulce. My vision was to create a distinct children’s brand inspired by the beauty of growing up latino. As Nico’s Mamí, I’m passionate about teaching him all about his Mexican heritage. Just like you, I strive to keep our culture alive through food, language, stories and tradition.
Who Are We?

Sweeter Than Pan Dulce is a children’s brand, celebrating latino culture and tradition with a vibrant modern twist.

 What We Represent ?

Our brand is inspired by the beauty of growing up latino. We represent the feeling of reliving your sweetest childhood memories with your chiquitos. Our vision is to combine the warm nostalgia of our childhood with fun and funky children’s style. We create wearable culture for kids;  But our purpose is to support all you Mamás on your mission to instill culture in the lives of your chiquis. I invite you to reminisce about the simpler times and share those memories with your little ones... Memories that are 'Sweeter Than Pan Dulce'.